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tv   FOX19 Now  FOX  January 8, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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kentucky man having child pornography... was a school bus kenton county school district. derrick becker of highland heights was arrested on november 19th. campbell county police say they found the images on becker's electronic devices. detectives say the investigation started with an anonymous cyber tip and continues tonight. we've confirmed becker worked for the district from may of 2011 to november 10th of 2015. he drove for ryland heights elementary school, woodland middle school and scott high school. a short time ago a spokesperson for the school district addressed the
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jess dykes says - "safety is the number one concern in the kenton county school district. and as soon as we were made aware of the serious criminal charges, against him, we asked for, and received, his resignation." that district spokesperson says nothing came up when they did a background check on becker before hiring him. police tell us additional charges could be coming. the father who police say overdosed on heroin inside his infant's hospital room... is dealing with multiple charges tonight. wesley landers was revived with narcan.. but it was too late for his wife.. who police say also o-d'd.. and died.. in that room at children's. fox19 now's gordon graham has details on who will care for the couple's baby. open----friends say that mary ann and wesley landers brought their 7- month old daughter, lucy, here to cincinnati childrens for trachea reconstruction surgery. lucy is still in the hospital tonight and her
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her father appeared in court this morning on drug and weapons charges....the judge wanted to know what will happen to the little girl. kissinger-----what about the child that's here at childrens hospital. jfs involved i presume? hamilton county job and family services tells fox19 now that in fact they are not involved and say lucy's guardianship is up to alabama's department of human resources. that agency says they will try to find a family member to provide suitable care for lucy once she's out of the hospital. sam and angela crowley of loveland say they know how difficult that care can be. month old similar condition as lucy and the crowley's say don't judge the landers too harshly. sam----we were just of course, horrible story. completely knocked over no there's a trigger there when you go through this for sam and angela having to provide round the clock care susan whose fully developed three other sam------we have an
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have a ventillator, we have a suction machine because that thracheostomy machine needs to be suctioned all the time 24 hours a day. so i think the biggest stress is it's on you. your baby's livelihood relies on you and your ability to care for them at a high level and you don't sleep. angela crowley says she had been following mary ann landers on facebook and says she's stunned about what happened to her. angela----i'd been following this journey for a couple of weeks and...and i couldn't believe it was the same family. she was a normal mom. she loved her babies. it's not clear if the stress of caring for a sick child drove the landers to overdose here at cincinnati children's hospital, but it is clear that lucy's future care will be challenging. in avondale i'm gordon graham fox19 now. landers pleaded not guilty and is in jail on 400-thousand dollars bond. some of his charges, stem from the gun investigators say he was carrying at the hospital. police say mary ann landers was also armed at the time. we called children's hospital.
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statement... "we have trained and experienced security personnel at all of our campuses. we have a cincinnati police officer at the main location 24 hours a cincinnati children's also has longstanding and positive relationships with departments at all reevaluating our security measures to ensure the safety of our patients." of hitting and killing a participant in the 7 hills run- walk last month has been arrested. according to cincinnati police, 24-year old thomas stidhum was arrested this morning at an apartment complex on lawn avenue. police say stidhum attempted to escape out a window of the building before being tazed. it was a smaller window that he was a little bit bigger than the window. so he didn't get all the way through. he got stuck in the window then he jumped back into the residence. stidhum is accused of hitting and killing 57-year old catherine chatfield on dorchester avenue last month. he has been indicted on multiple
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vehicular homicide and resisting arrest. bengals let's switch gears... to the story everyone is talking about... bengals-steelers... tomorrow night... at paul brown stadium... we have live, team coverage.... let's start with fox19 now's joe danneman live at p- b-s... joe what's the latest with andy dalton? joe live it took until the day before the wild card game here at the stadium for marvin lewis to announce andy dalton will not start - and dalton won't even be in uniform. the bengals ruled him out after today's final walk though here at the stadium. new video just back in the newsroom within the hour... the steelers are here. one of the first players off the bus is steelers quarterback ben roetlisberger. it's on a-j mccarron to beat head coach mike tomlin and stop the bengals playoff
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straight losses and twenty-five years. a.j. mccarron: "the way that's talked about around here - it's so much of a negative. there's not a reason to live in the past and i don't think this team does by any means. so, let's go have fun and play a game we grew up playing and put it all out there on the field and, you know, what happens happens." mccarron is trying to join ken anderson and boomer as the only bengals quarterbacks to win playoff games. joe live back here inside the stadium... the place looks good. dressed up with playoff signs on the walls and on the field. we're back live later in sports - why one bengal says this is their time. live at pbs - joe danneman fox19 now. 2-shot wx desk
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prepare for rain tomorrow. the bud light tailgate zone on freedom way is setting up tents for fans to stay dry during the playoff party starting at 4 p-m.... jeff weather we've got more bengals playoff coverage.. on air..
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now mobile app... and that includes a look at all of the ways "orange and black" is popping up all over the tri- state. plus... nat sound of clapping don't miss our story about a battling a deadly disease. officer "shots fired. inaudible i'm shot. i'm bleeding
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man has confessed to shooting a philadelphia police officer thursday night.. and he's done so... in the name of isis.
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surveillance video.... they say jesse hartnett was shot three times inside his patrol car when they say edward archer fired 13 shots from a semi- automatic pistol. despite suffering serious injuries, officer hartnett was able to exit the car and shoot archer.. who was later apprehended. six months ago this prizon break was caught on camera... but now, the notorious mexican drug lord is back behind bars. the mexican president announced on twitter that this man, joaquin "el chapo" guzman, has been arrested. "el chapo" is often referred to as the most powerful drug trafficker in the world. at this time it is unclear how and where he was caught. mayor john canley has vetoed the 2017 fiscal year "tax budget" that was approved by city council on wednesday. we have the picture of the physical act. city council had voted to increase property taxes... something mayor cranley says the voters don't want. "in november the voters voted down decisively a property tax increase. i feel it's our job to listen to the voters and
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hear what the voters had to say. and they are clearly telling us that they do not want us to raise property taxes." those in favor of a property tax increase argue the city could bring in more money through avenues like new development. council does have the ability to override the veto at the next two council meetings.. with just six votes. a local child battling cancer gets a hero's welcome as he comes home from the hospital. see the emotional return... next. roof cam and we've got a rainy weekend ahead of us... jeff's got another look at your forecast coming up. a north college hill auto repair
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confirmed for us that joe leach died. cops say the person in their surveillance video... is their suspect. he's described as a black man... wearing a red sweatshirt... covering his face. if you have any information, call police. a local company and two of its managers have been indicted in connection with a 20-12 fire that killed one of its workers. this is video of the scene from the fire in spring grove village where 20- year old zachary hen-zerling was treating hazardous waste when the fire ignited. now, environmental enterprises incorporated faces multiple charges, including involuntary manslaughter. hen-zerling's supervisor is accused of failing to take proper precautions to prevent that fire. and another manager is accused of falsifying training records, making it appear employees received training that they didn't. the most recent report from the department of transportation shows air fares from c-v-g continue to drop. round trip fares during the second quarter of 2014 were an average of five hundred and 23
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and 36 in 2015. airport officials say the reason for nearly 16 percent increase in passenger volume. dropped 9 out of quarters. this weekend's drawing for the powerball will be the largest lottery jackpot in u-s history. the jackpot is estimated to be when it's drawn tomorrow night. for this drawing hundred and 96 million dollars. we asked some folks what they would do if they won. "i don't know, i'd find something to do with it." "with this much money, first thing i would do is get my mouth fixed." "my focus would be on building a nice home, and you know, luxury stuff like that." but.... don't get your hopes up just yet... the odds of winning are one in 292 million. 10-year old kyler bradley received a hero's welcome as he returned home from children's hospital today.
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fairfield township escorted kyler and meanwhile, community members signs and candles. was amazed to see when you are in a 200 square foot room you don't see anybody. i tell him everything, but it's just me telling him. but for him to actually see it and for him to wave to everybody. it was just. unbelievable." kyler was diagnosed with d-i- p-g back in october. it's the same type of brain cancer that took the life of lauren hill last year. if you haven't yet... go ahead and put on the orange and black! cincinnati mayor john cranley declared today... "orange and black day." fox19 now's shawn lanier found it everywhere. shawn lanier: "yes, it's orange and black all over cincinnati including right here inside busken bakery. and even though i obviously missed the
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dey nation didn't scream it loud and proud and show it all around.... january 8, 2016 is orange and black day... an easy mission right? tamara lang: "literally half the closet are bengals jerseys, that's all that's in there. so all i had to do was open the door and grab one." yes, that simple... but there's always that one guy we know who can't follow the rules tom fernandez "i love cincinnati," sure you do, but i'm not convinced with polamalu cutout on your desk. tom fernandez "i was grew up in pennsylvania, pittsburgh." like tom needs a live in cincinnati. tamara lang:"my 8-year- old will tell you 'oh, that's not the right color that needs to be orange.'" from shirts, shoes, hats, to cookies, cupcakes, and full cakes, orange and black was littered even our workers get it....who dey from the shadows of paul brown.. and while we wear
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will be bleeding orange for us tomorrow. "who dey baby. who dey all the way." shawn lanier: "there is a lot of excitement for this orange and black day... but i know bengals fans would like to do this again... like possibly our next playoff game week, next week. in rookwood, shawn lanier fox19 now." jeff weather
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"the steelers quarterback has been spotted in the downtown area..." have you heard it yet? this tongue-in- cheek warning is stirring up a lot of controversy after hitting the airwaves of a local radio station. hear why some are saying it goes too far. and with all the talk of the powerball... how would you handle a big windfall of cash? tonight in simply money, we're breaking down the tips to deal with some big luck if it
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and tonight on fox new two hour episode of master chef junior. we're right back at ten. joe danneman back live at paul brown stadium... why today's date is so ironic before tomorrow's steeler is out. sports is next.
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live at paul brown stadium... standing just feet from the spot where the bengals - steelers rivalry changed. it's ten-years-ago today when kimo von oelhoffen injured carson palmer's knee in the first round of the playoffs. this game isn't about revenge - and the bengals won't attach any history to this game. "another game we've got end of the day, we've got to overcome some of opportunity for us to take that next leap. you know, it's about time and we're due for it."
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top of the show andy dalton is out... the steelers will now be without their top two running backs. deangelo williams today ruled out. he scored two touchdowns in the steelers win here in cincinnati in december. we are loaded with tonight... needs to play like bengals to win? tonight on the live tonight at pbs joe danneman fox19 now. we will see you tonight at ten.... don't forget wheel of fortune and jeopardy are next!!! jeff
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